How to use bright organix semi permanent hair colour (in blue)

Q: How to use bright organix semi permanent hair colour (in blue)

The Brite Organix team are totally loving blue hair at the moment too.

For best results unless your hair is very light blonde you are going to need to lighten your hair first.  Please follow the directions of the lightening kit that you choose. 

You can create a pastel tone by mixing the Blue Semi and the Pastel Mix or your favourite conditioner to create a lighter shade of blue. Take your time with the mixing and blending.

Our experience has found that if light blue is too light in the bowl it will not colour your hair as well as it should or it may wash out very quickly. It is best to apply colour to clean dry hair.

Once the colour looks right in the bowl (and you can smudge a bit on white paper to check) strand test on a discrete piece of hair.  We suggest leaving the colour for 30 minutes on average. It does colour quickly - almost instantly but leaving for 30 minutes will let the colour really do its thing.

Rinse the strand with luke warm/ cool water until the water runs clear. 

If the colour is what you are after you are ready to colour your full head or desired hair.

Our product contains a lot of colour in one tube so make sure you wear gloves and cover your clothing with an old towel.

Happy colouring

The Brite Organix Team