Brite Neon Semi Permanent Clear Conditioning Gloss

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I’m so excited to spend some time together. I’m a clear gloss with a special ingredient that will make your hair glow under black light (you know like in a club).

You can use me on my own or mix me with other BRITE SEMI-PERMANENT COLOURS & NEONS to create your own custom shade. Babe even as a pastel shade I will still glow under black light – arghh I can’t even handle how fun this is!

Babe, if you are creating custom colours add me to a BRITE semi permanent. Please follow all instructions and directions

I will only glow under black light so a bit like a super hero your special power will be disguised by day at work or school and awesome glowing hair will only be visible under special light.

You are going to look amazing on the dance floor. We think this product is super fun for festivals too and perfect for raves. The glowing under black light will fade over 2 - 10 washes depending on your hair. 

You can even add me over the top of your hair colour, I’m going to add shine and condition to your hair and of course that awesome glow under the right light.

I’m totally vegan and like all BRITE products I'm tested on friends and family not animals.

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  • Vegan Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free Cruelty-Free