All White Make Me Pastel

$15.00 AUD

ALL WHITE MAKE ME PASTEL is the quickest easiest way to create beautiful conditioning semi permanent colour.

Directions for use: Shampoo and towel dry hair. Put the entire tube of ALL WHITE MAKE ME PASTEL into a bowl and a matchstick head drop of colour from your selected tube of Brite Organix semi permanent colour and mix well. Add very small amounts of colour at a time until your reach your desired pastel colour. Remember you can mix two colours - like our favourite at the moment pink and purple which makes a beautiful mauve  to create your own custom colour.

This product works best on pre-lightened hair. Please follow the directions of your lightening kit. Best to wear rubber gloves and protect your hairline with vaseline before application. This product is packed with colour power and will stain anything that it comes into contact with like clothing or bedding so please handle with care during application. The best application is achieved by using a tint brush. Leave colour to activate for 30 minutes then rinse until the water runs clear. This colour will last between 5 - 30 washes depending on the colour you create and your hair type.

I am 75ml of White base mix

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