Brite Unicorn ThermaColour Purple to Invisible

$12.00 AUD

Brite Unicorn ThermaColour 

Hello, I can’t wait for us to make some magic together. I’m a temporary colour that changes colour when heat is applied. Like when you blow hot air onto me, or expose me to heat from the sun. I’m super fun.

You can run a hot iron over streaks of UNICORN THERMACOLOUR in your hair or use a hair dryer to blow warm air directly onto me and watch me transition!

If you’re hot (of course, you are), you can use the heat from your hands to make me change colour.

When I heat up, I change colour. As I cool down, I change back.

Heat me up, cool me down and watch the magic – I’m so much fun.

I’m perfect as a party trick and I make great videos. I love getting social – post my picture #britebabe. I’m only temporary, so when you’ve had enough, just wash me off.

HOW TO USE ME: Babe, please test me before applying me to make sure we get along.

SAFETY: I am a temporary colour but all hair and people are different. After you have conducted an allergy test, conduct your strand test. Apply to a test strand in a discreet area and then check colour removal. I should just rinse out, but a good wash will lift any stubborn pigment. Applying a leave-in silicone finishing product before application can minimise any staining in your hair.


I work just as well on brunettes as I do on blondes and I can be applied over coloured hair. Squeeze a small pea size amount onto a fingertip, starting at the top of your head, apply down the length of your hair from root to tip. Build me up to the desired intensity then wait for me to air dry or speed things up with a hair dryer. A light misting of hairspray can minimise any colour transfer. You can shake out any extra pigment with your hands if needed. Make one big streak or 4–8 thinner streaks, depending on the length and texture of your hair.

To remove me, just rinse me out, and follow with your usual shampoo and conditioner.

The heat from your scalp can make me change colour (It’s hard being hot stuff sometimes), so we recommend starting your highlights a little lower down unless that is the effect you are after. We kind of like it, though. It’s like an instant ombre!

You can mix different UNICORN THERMACOLOUR colours to create your own colours and you can mix with a leave-in conditioner for a lighter colour on blonde hair. Have fun and when you are finished, shampoo me out of your hair.

Keep me away from your eyes and don’t eat me!

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