One Day Colour Pastel Blue

$14.99 AUD

Babe, I’m here for a good time not a long time.

I’m super quick and easy to use. Apply to dry hair and leave to dry naturally or dry and style. To remove, simply shampoo out. I’ve been formulated to work on blondes and highlights.

No lumps, no bumps and no transfer to clothing. BRITE ONE-DAY COLOUR is all about soft natural hair.

Use: Please perform strand and allergy tests before application to check suitability. You need to make sure the colour is correct and easily removable from your hair and that you are not allergic to this formulation (it’s non-toxic, so we don’t expect any issues but it’s always best to make sure).

1. Apply me to your hair using a tint brush or your fingertips. You can build colour to achieve the result you want. 2. Leave to dry naturally or blow-dry and style 3. Shampoo to remove.




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