Ombre Kit Pastel Green

$19.99 AUD

Babe I’m a permanent Lightening Kit + Brite Semi Permanent Colour

After completing your lightening dip dye, blend through Brite 5 - 30 wash semi-permanent colour to create a really amazing hair colour, customised to be just perfect for you. 

Remember semi-permanent will last 5 - 30 washes depending on your hair - everyone is different.

Dip dye always looks great, fabulous, amazing… and now even more amazing with the Brite Dip Dye Kit, with special blending cream to give you the perfect catwalk-ready gradient.

The team at Brite HQ worked hard to create me. They put a lot of thought into me – from the gentle yet effective lightening cream, rather than the usual powder bleach, to the special blending cream to help you achieve awesome results.



• 80ml Developing Cream

• 50ml Lightening Cream

• 50ml Brite Semi-Permanent colour

• 50ml Hair Mask

• 20ml Blending Cream

• Tint brush

• Mixing Bowl

• Pair of gloves


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