Liquid Hair Chalk

Think of it as a temporary tattoo for your hair – bold, fun, and commitment-free.

Effortlessly paint on vibrant hues.

Wash out with ease whenever you're ready.

No matter your shade of hair, it’s time for a color splash!

🌈 Paint On, Wash Off!

Dreaming of bold, vibrant hair without the strings attached? Our Brite Liquid Hair Chalk is your answer. Perfect for brunettes, blondes, and every shade in between, it's your ticket to temporary hair magic that you can easily wash away.

Size is 10ml / 0.34 floz
How to Use
  1. Get Started: Simply depress the nib a few times to let the color flow, and do a quick test on a hidden hair strand to preview the magic.
  2. Paint Away: Swipe the chalk in the direction of your hair strands and watch the instant transformation. Got a bit on your hands? A quick wash will do the trick.
  3. Set & Shine: For an extra hold and vibrancy, set your stunning new hue with a light hair spray mist.
  4. Change It Up: Ready for a switch? A thorough rinse and your regular shampoo routine will have you back to your original shade in no time.

Water (Aqua), lsopropyl alcohol, Petroleum Distillates, Red 40, Titanium dioxide.



Got a question? Check our FAQ's below or hit us up here.

Brite Liquid Hair Chalk is a temporary hair makeup that allows you to paint vibrant colors onto your hair. The colors can easily be washed off, making it perfect for those who want a short-term color change.

Brite Liquid Hair Chalk works effectively on both brunettes and blondes, as well as all shades in between.

Brite Liquid Hair Chalk is designed for temporary color, which can be easily washed off with shampoo. The color has great hold and will stay until rinsed or shampooed out. To make the color last longer during the day, you can set it with a light misting of hair spray.

The chalk provides vibrant color to hair and may transfer to light-colored fabrics. It's advised to be cautious with light bedding and clothing after application.

No, this product should not be used on eyebrows, eyelashes, or in the eye area. If it comes into contact with eyes, rinse immediately.

Brite vs the other dyes

Other Brands Salons
Cruelty Free & Vegan
Easy to apply
Stocked in leading retailers
Coloring lives for 12+ years
Used by 10million+ dye-hards

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