Do you ship overseas?

We all know the world is a better place in colour and because we want the world to be full of Brite babes, we can and will ship any of the Brite Organix range straight to your door no matter where you are.

How long will it take to receive my overseas order?

Orders are shipped from our HQ in NZ via NZ Post. If you reside in Australia and are not near a Woolworths or Priceline to buy locally, then order online and expect your order within 7-10 working days. Other countries can take up to 10-14 working days. It’s a good idea to allow a couple of extra days for busier times of the year like Christmas.

I’m blonde – which products will work best on my hair?

So many fab looks can be created on blondes using the Brite range. For ombre tips or all over colour for that festival or night-out, just blend in One Day Colour for light hair, Hair Shadow or Liquid Hair Chalk then simply wash out the next day. Want something more gradual, try the Make Me Pastel shampoo and conditioners with just a hint of colour that grows on you the more you use it. Looking for a colour-commitment? Try the Brite range of semi-permanents, available in both super vibrant and pastel colours which last 5 to 30 washes. Using semi-permanents on light coloured hair will give you the most vibrant coloured locks. Time to get creative Brite Babes!

I’m brunette – which products will work best on my hair?

Brunette babes – who said blondes have all the fun! For colour without the commitment try One Day Colour for dark hair or use Hair Shadow or Liquid Hair Chalk for vibrant ombre tips or use all over for a dreamy look that will turn heads. The best part, they simply wash out of your hair the next day so you can try a new look whenever the fancy takes you. Looking for a tonal colour that’s longer lasting, try Brite semi-permanents on brunette hair to achieve a tonal colour that really pops in sunlight and lasts 5 to 30 washes.

How long will my semi-permanent colour last?

Our semi-permanents are packed with colour to give you the brightest, boldest locks! Where many other semi-permanents are only designed to last 3 to 5 washes, Brite Organix semi-permanents last 5 to 30 washes! Semi permanents work best on pre-lightened (bleached) hair, especially the pastel colours. If you’re applying semi-permanent to your existing colour without lightening, the end result will depend on the colour of the hair that you’re applying it to. As with all hair colour products, you should always test a strand before full head application to check the colour and how long the colour will take to fade on your hair type. If your hair has an uneven tone or patchy dye job you may need to do a few strand tests to get an indication on the end result.

Can I make my own custom colour?

Yes! The Brite Team understands that sometimes you want a colour as individual as you so they’ve designed the Brite Organix semi-permanents to be mixed with one another to create your own custom shade. Want to be a pastel babe? Just mix white conditioner or Brite All White Make Me Pastel with the Brite Organix semi-permanent to create lighter pastel colours. When creating your own custom colour, mix in a bowl first then test on a piece of paper to check the colour. Perform a strand test before full head application to make sure your customised hair colour creates the perfect custom shade for your locks.

What’s the best way to apply my semi-permanent colour?

Semi-permanent colour is most vibrant on light blonde or pre-lightened hair so always perform a strand test first to check how the colour will look on your hair before full head application - especially if you’re creating your own custom colour. We get it, you just want your amazing new colour now, but always take time to fully read the instructions first! If lightening hair, follow the directions on the lightening kit. Semi-permanent colour should be applied to clean, dry hair. Your hair shouldn’t be freshly washed - next day clean hair will get the best results. Applying petroleum jelly to your hairline will prevent colour staining as moisture creates a colour-barrier on your skin. Always protect your hands with gloves and protect your clothing before application. Empty your chosen colour semi-permanent into a bowl and apply to your hair in downward strokes using a tint brush. Massaging into your hair will ensure even coverage. After 10 minutes, check the colour of a strand by removing excess cream. Some hair may need longer - leaving on longer will not damage your hair but may increase the staying power of the colour. Our semis have super strong colour so last 5 to 30 washes. Take care when rinsing to ensure colour does not come into contact with your face or body, the best way to do this is to rinse hair in a basin or tipping hair forward or backward under the shower. Rinse hair with cool water until it runs clear. Dry and style as usual.

Do I need to lighten my hair before applying a semi-permanent colour?

It all depends on the colour you want. You don’t have to lighten your hair before applying a semi-permanent colour however applying semi-permanent colour to blonde or pre-lightened hair will give you the best colour results if you want a pastel or vibrant semi-permanent colour. If you have darker hair and want a bright or pastel colour you will need to pre-lighten hair. Ensure you test both the lightening and colouring process on a small sample of hair prior to full head application to make sure you achieve your desired result. Those with lighter hair won’t need to lighten before applying a semi-permanent colour but again, always strand test hair first by applying colour to a sample of hair from an area where it won’t be missed.

Can I use semi-permanent colour if my hair is completely natural?

Yes, our super vibrant semi-permanent colour work best on mid-coloured, untreated hair and lasts 5 to 30 washes. The final colour result is determined by factors such as condition of your hair, your natural hair colour, porosity, length and fineness of hair. If you have naturally grey hair which can sometimes be repellent to colour, we recommend a strand test first to ascertain suitability. As with all hair colour products, always strand test before full head application to check the colour and how the product gets on with your hair and for the ease of removal.

Can Brite Organix One Day Colour, Hair Shadows and Liquid Hair Chalk be applied to wet hair?

These products have been designed for application to dry hair. Only add water when you’re ready to wash your temporary colour out of your hair the next day.

I have thick, long hair - will one tube colour all of my hair?

Brite babe, if you’re lucky enough to have super long or super thick hair you may need two tubes. It is always better to have more on hand so you don’t run out during application!

How often should I use Make Me Pastel shampoo and conditioner?

Brite Organix Make Me Pastel shampoos and conditioners can be used as little or as often as you like depending on the look you’re after. We recommend using daily to keep your dyed hair vibrant and knock out unwanted yellow tones. For blondes, using Make Me Pastel will develop a soft shade of either purple or pink when used regularly.

Can you use Make Me Pastel shampoo and conditioner on grey hair?

Brite Organix products are pretty strong so you should definitely get some colour from using Make Me Pastel shampoo and conditioner on grey hair, especially if you have whiter-grey hair. Sometimes grey hair can be repellent to colour, but a number of Brite Organix customers successfully use Make Me Pastel shampoo and conditioner to achieve a pastel purple or pastel pink tone. The colour pigments in this product are like semi-permanent colour just very weak and are designed to sit on top of your hair so using daily should achieve a pastel colour with regular use.

What should I do if my colour doesn’t completely wash out of my hair the next day?

Brite Organix Hair Shadows, Liquid Hair Chalks and One Day colours are all formulated to simply blend in and wash out but as everyone’s hair type is different, occasionally you could have some residual colour after one wash. Applying a leave in silicon finishing product with any temporary hair product can improve texture and minimise any residual colour remaining the next day. If you do have any residual colour, apply a lather of cheap shampoo (the cheap stuff is more anti-colour) for 10-15 minutes then rinse. Alternatively use a clarifying shampoo or mix a bit of bi-carb into your normal shampoo to help speed up colour removal without affecting your base colour. The Brite team work hard to make colouring your hair as simple and easy as possible but you should always strand test before full head application to ensure you achieve the right colour and test for ease of removal. .

What styling products should I use with the Brite Organix range?

Most styling products, finishing creams or silicone anti-frizz serums should have no impact on the colour or removal of colour from your hair however as there are so many different products with different ingredients, if you’re unsure then it’s best to perform a strand test first..

Can I work-out in my One Day colour?

One Day Colour, just like the Hair Shadows and Liquid Hair Chalk are formulated to simply blend in then wash out. Washing - be it with water, sweat or any other liquid will wash out the colour. If you plan on working out, try ombre the ends and put into a bun keeping the coloured ends dry which should keep your colour intact. Using a light misting of hair spray will also slow down any unwanted colour transfer.

I forgot to use gloves when colouring my hair - how do I get the residual colour off my hands?

Don’t panic! None of the Brite Organix range is permanent colour so will fade! From time to time, the Brite Colour team goes a bit crazy and applies semi without using gloves. The residual colour staining on their hands is removed by normal hand-washing over the course of the day.

I accidentally got hair colour on my skin, what’s the best way to remove it?

We understand mistakes happen but don’t panic as none of our product range is permanent colour! Any colour that comes into contact with your skin should be removed as soon as possible by simply wiping off. Moisture on the skin is a barrier to colour so always make sure you’ve applied petroleum jelly around the hairline where you’re applying colour. If the colour is not removed by simply wiping off, using a bit of baking soda in body wash can help lift the colour from your skin or alternatively using some laundry detergent, dish soap or baby oil on a damp cloth can also help lift colour. Please patch test these suggestions first to ensure they don’t irritate your skin! There are also professional products available designed to remove dye stains however our Brite Colour Team has never had to use any of these products as colour has normally washed off over the course of a day. As with all colorants it’s best to rinse the colour out of your hair in a way that minimises contact with your face and body. You can do this by tipping hair forward or backward under the shower or even better rinsing off colour in a basin first.

Will your hair products transfer colour onto my skin, clothing or pillow?

If used correctly, Brite Organix products will not transfer colour onto your skin, clothing, floors, wall or soft furnishings. If during application you accidentally get colour on something you weren’t supposed to, don’t panic - it can be fixed quickly and is not permanent! When applying One Day Colour, Liquid Hair Chalk or Hair Shadow ensure not to apply too much product and apply a light misting of hair spray to avoid any unwanted transfer of colour. Our semi-permanent colours are single process dyes rather than a two-step process which means you do need to take care when rinsing. As with all colorants it is best to rinse the colour out of your hair in a way that minimises contact with your face (and body) by tipping hair forward or backward under the shower or rinsing in a basin first. Remove spills quickly by wiping up excess cream then using an appropriate home cleaning product to clean the surface. If you get colour on your shower, spraying shower cleaner and leaving overnight should remove any colour. If it is safe to use a bleach based cleaner such as Exit Mould on the surfaces, then that will get rid of residual colour quickly. Pillows, towels or clothing should be washed as soon as possible for effective removal of colour. Remember to always follow the instructions, use gloves and protect your clothing during application of any hair colourant.

Can I use Brite Organix products to colour hair on the rest of my body?

While all Brite Organix products are low in irritants, vegan and PETA Certified, they are not formulated for use on eyelashes, eyebrows, facial hair or any other hair on your body.


We add a small amount of preservative to our products to ensure product safety. Methylparaben is a common preservative added to food and other products to keep them fresher for longer. It prolongs the freshness of a product by disrupting the bacterial cell walls. This means that the bacteria are unable to reproduce and your product remains safe and fresh. Parabens occur naturally in some fruits such as blueberries. We’ve been eating synthetic parabens since the 1920s in food. They are permitted by every world health authority and over 500 independent safety studies have been carried out over the decades. We constantly review and investigate preservatives, and consider any new scientific evidence. The parabens used in BRITE are safe to handle during manufacture and guarantee the quality and safety of the products.

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